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A Dynamic Government


            Government is “the political direction and control exercised over the actions of the members, citizens, or inhabitants of communities, societies, and states; direction of the affairs of a state, community, etc.; political administration: Government

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Weapon of Mass Distraction

weapon of mass distraction

“…football, beer and above all, gambling filled up the horizon of their minds. To keep them in control was not difficult.” George Orwell, 1984 This image quote shows how the popular sport of football is merely a distraction in America.

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Backpacking in Sandals

bare feet

Last summer, I went on a 3 day backpacking trip in sandals with some friends in the San Gabriel Mountains. Ever since cross country (when I high school), my feet have easily gotten blisters. This is primarily due to the

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Human Meat Grinder

Human cheesegrater

Here is a cartoon showing a human meat grinder. Average, everyday people are getting sucked into the meat grinder, and spewed out into identical, boring beings. They fall for the 9-5 corporation job trap, and run the rate race. As

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Independent Thought Alarm

independent thought alarm

I posted this on libertarian reddit, and it got over 1000 upvotes and hundreds of comments overnight. This is a screenshot from an episode of The Simpsons where Lisa says something unexpected in class, and the teacher is forced to press

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Don’t Believe The Government

don't believe the government

Here’s a quote from the famous comedian, George Carlin. In one of his stand-up performances, he goes over rules that he lives by. His first rule is to not believe anything the government tells him. It is a good rule

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Biking For Freedom

biking for freedom

Cycling brings us together through simplicity and freedom. Biking For Freedom.  

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Toe Clips vs Clipless

toe clips vs clipless

When considering different types of bicycle pedals and footwear (toe clips vs clipless), there are several options that cyclists have. Here are some tips and tricks to help you decide which is right for you – depending on your budget, your intended use, and

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How To Dumpster Dive


My first experience dumpster diving resulted in this: (Posting this on reddit instantly got it to the front page of Dumpster Diving Reddit.) This took me an extra 10 minutes on my way home from school. These 10 minutes resulted in free

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US Dumpster Diving Laws

dumpster diving laws

Here’s the printed dumpster diving laws that I bring when I go foraging: Dumpster Diving Laws: The 1988 Case of California vs. Greenwood held that there is no common law expectation of privacy for discarded materials. Specifically, this case involved

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