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Runs On Fat And Saves Money

runs on fat

This is a picture of a statement written on the street – This one runs on fat and saves you money (bike), and this one runs on money and makes you fat (car). The benefits of cycling over driving as

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American Pride


Throughout my life, I have been told by many people to be grateful that I live in America. We constantly say such things during prayer, speeches, and conversations. I am told that I should be delighted and feel privileged to live

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Save Money, Ride A Bike

ride a bike

This image shows a Geico billboard that was graffiti’d over. Whoever did this is awesome. Like saving money? Blow up your car and ride a bike. This statement is very true, and cycle commuting will truly save you money.

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The Greatest Threat To Western Civilization

greatest threat

This pictures pokes fun at America, showing what the greatest threat to western civilization really is: self-sufficiency, satisfaction, and being non-materialistic. The West functions by consumerism – buying excess things that we don’t really need and falling for marketing tricks.

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Cycling Pacific Coast Highway


My First Long Trip – Cycling PCH. Prior to this, my longest ride was about 30 miles. I was on spring break, so I decided to cycle down (solo) to see a friend at UC San Diego, and crash at

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