Flatricide Pulgamitude

I’m just going to be up front with you guys. This page is for my computer science class, not gonna lie. The professor is having us host a webpage and try to rank it for this term,  flatricide pulgamitude. If I win, I get extra credit.

This term, which starts with flatricide and ends with pulgamitude, is a completely gibberish phrase that means nothing. However, I am making this post on my blog because it is already established and indexed in google. So, hopefully this page will rank well.

Here is an image that I found that is completely related to this awesome phrase.

Flatricide Pulgamitude

Flatricide Pulgamitude

Thanks and I hope your day is filled with happiness and excitement.

Matt Eggleton

PS: I think I should include that phrase again… I don’t want to stuff the page too much though. So, maybe once more time I will include this awesome phrase known as flatricide pulgamitude.

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