“Humans are Parasites to the Earth”

parasitesThis image quote shows how humans are seen as merely a virus/parasite to the Earth. As a human species, we have spread ourselves throughout the world via cities, destroying nature and using up resources. We are like a case of the fleas to the Earth, and the Earth will eventually shake us off and move on.

I originally got this idea from the Joe Rogan podcast; he talks about these kinds of things often. Also, George Carlin spoke about how we are insignificant to the Earth (and will eventually be ridden of) in one of his stand-up performances.

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  • Keith Taylor

    Humans are a cancer on the face of the Earth. Mankind is not an endangered species. Why then, do the laws that protect the vilest of vile people take precedence over the laws that are supposed to protect the most highly endangered of our animals?

    • Friedrich Manteuffel

      I couldn’t agree more humans reproduce like parasites use up natural resources like parasites kill off animals and destroy forests and the ecosystem pollute our air fill our soil with chemicals, human beings deserve to become extinct and it is all done in the name of profit

      • Keith Taylor

        If mankind were to become extinct, the Earth would carry on without us, but then we would have failed as a species. I do not believe the evolutionary theory that life is an “accident”: I think that we were put here to see how we would handle the Earthly environment. Are we not supposed to study our surrounds, discover everything we can about them and see if there is any way to improve upon them? We know so little about Earth and yet mankind has been sending his kind into space to discover what is out there. Surely we should get to know our own planet in its entirety before we embark upon such costly, energy-wasting and ultimately futile pursuits? Even at this late stage we can try to make a difference, the most fundamental step being the reduction of our numbers to around ten million. I did not have kids for this very reason and as you can see, I am no longer a youngster.

  • Marcelo

    Humans are definitely parasites of any animals or plants that can offer any economic advantage. Now to say we are parasites of the earth one would have to believe in the gaia theory, which I don’t. The thing is, humans themselves will be the cause of their demise if we don’t change our ways. Take for instance the absolutely catastrophical development of the superbugs derived from our misuse of antibiotics, which is slowly reaching alarming levels and can cause a massive reduction of the earth’s population in the next decades.

  • Herb Petrillo

    humans are vile and savage and cruel and barbaric beyond words….humans are monsters beyond imagination….i hope dearly that something would come to this beautiful planet…come and do to us what we have done to things better than we are…..

    • Dr. Uttam Kumar Datta

      I have proved it before around 5 years that Earth has Life, We the Humans are Parasites on Earth. The copyrighted article is under publication at OMICS Journal, Journal of Scientific Research, Journal of Nature, Journal of Environment Conversation, Elsevier, Springer. All they have valuable comments. the article is developing according to the comments for publication.
      Dr. U.K Datta
      Senior Management Counselor
      Bangladesh Institute of Management.

    • I especially love the “barbaric” part. It wasn’t that long ago when humanity had figured out that the earth revolved around the sun. Humans are stupid beyond imagination; why do humans love to mass produce and eat shitty foods? Because of money. Why do humans destroy the planet’s inhabitants and destroy nature itself in so many different ways? Because of greed. I wonder if humans will ever actually be smart 10,000 years from now. Maybe there have been some intelligent humans in the past and present, but no one gave much fuck about them because everyone is too focused about their popular TV series. Some humans are smart. But humans as a whole is nothing but barbaric; especially when one thinks that Jesus is the love of his/her life.