The Candle Powered Space Heater

Here’s a great DIY project that can save you some money, that anyone can do.

candle powered space heater

Don’t wanna deal with heating costs during the winter? A great solution to potentially save energy and produce your own off-the-grid heat is making your own emergency candle powered space heater. If you spend most of your time in a small/medium sized room, then why waste energy heating up your whole house? This easy-to-make space heater only costs about $4 to make, and is nearly free to run (by buying candles in bulk or making your own from bacon grease). Here’s how to heat your room (or camping tent) with only a candle, self-sufficiently.


Materials: 3 terra cotta pots (clay, uncoated pots used for planting), 1 large bolt, ~10 large nuts, ~10 large washers, and 1 candle. You can pick up these materials for cheap at your local Walmart, Dollar Store, and/or Home Depot (I chose Walmart).

Video – How To Make A Candle Powered Space Heater:

Step 1: Push the bolt through all 3 terra cotta pots, making sure to put on a washer whenever the bolt touches a pot.

Step 2: Screw on a washer, a nut, and another washer in between each terra cotta pot.

Step 3: Screw on all leftover nuts/washers at the end of the bolt. The more metal, the hotter it will get.

Step 4: Turn the completed heater upside-down, and build a stand that holds the heater right above a candle.

Step 5: Light up the candle, wait ~15 minutes, and enjoy some cheap heat via your new candle-powered space heater!

Here is a skeleton view of the space heater all put together:


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